Maintain Your Ideal Body Weight Throughout A Lifetime

For us to live healthfully throughout a lifetime we must learn to maintain both our bodyweight and our body-fat percentage.  However, many of the so-called standard numbers for weight and body-fat are distorted.  In fact, they have numbers for two classes of people, athletic and conventional (average person).  Take a moment and ponder this thought, can anyone who is not athletic really be considered healthy and fit?  You see what I’m trying to say, health and athleticism are inseparable.  If you’re really healthy you will be athletic, which of course will have levels and variations as a person moves forward on their journey to a more plant based raw food diet.

The above high intensity workout is a 2 to 3 ratio (work to rest).   Do this at your own level (which may mean walking fast instead of running or sprinting) but, remember work hard during the work portion.  This is one of the best exercise options to burn fat.  Even if you only do a 15 – 30 minute workout you will be burning fat & calories all day long.

Get Exercise Wherever You Are

Staying Raw In Europe

Make Yourself Heart Attack Proof

Dr. Esselstyn’s talk made me so happy I felt like singing.  Doctors like him are something to sing and dance about.

The Real Story About Dairy Products

Dairy products.  Are they good for us?  Americans consume billions of dollars of cheese (pizzas) every year.  Is it really a good source of calcium and protein?  Or are fruits and vegetables the best sources of calcium and protein?  The information in this article is from the http://www.notmilk.com website.


1. HEART ATTACKS, STROKES, AND HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE six times more heart attacks in milk drinkers.

2. DIABETES, AUTISM, SCHIZOPHRENIA milk antibodies in blood of diabetic children.

3. CANCER breast, ovarian, prostate, lung cancer all dairy linked.

4. ANTIBIOTIC RESIDUES 30 to 80 different antibiotics cause chronic resistant infections.

5. PESTICIDE RESIDUES linked to cancer, chronic fatigue, infertility.

6. HORMONE RESIDUES menstrual problems, osteoporosis.

7. OSTEOPOROSIS National Dairy Council study shows bone loss caused by milk drinking.

8. LEUKEMIA VIRUSES 20% of all cows carry leukemia viruses that can infect humans.


10. DIGESTIVE PROBLEMS, CANDIDA OVERGROWTH caused by allergy and antibiotic residues.

The gig is up.  Instead of “Got Milk”,  “Not Milk”, is the way to a healthier you.  Milk is now being exposed for what it really is, the cause of soooo many health problems.

All the best, stay well,


Weight Loss and Reversing Diabetes

All the information in this article is taken from the writings and presentations of Dr. Douglas Graham author of the The 80 10 10 Diet.  Dr. Graham is a world renowned expert on blood sugar problems.  He has done over 30 years of extensive research on blood sugar problems and finding out what diet works best.  He has helped thousands of individuals solve their blood sugar problems and many other health disorders.

Candida is a microbe that lives in all human bloodstreams.  It is supposed to be there, but in a regulated fashion, moderated by our own blood sugar levels.  Candida is a backup system to help rid the bloodstream of excess sugar.  If you did not have this backup system the blood sugar levels can rise so high, you can go blind, get gangrene and eventually die.

If the blood sugar levels are normal the Candida levels are stable or normal.  However, when blood sugar levels rise the Candida quickly eat that excess.  They may have what is known as a bloom when there is an extended period of high blood sugar.  Kind of like a red tide bloom (they duplicate themselves, to eat the excess sugar) but, when blood sugar levels are normal the Candida drops back down to normal.  So we have an ebb and a flow of Candida, a tidal effect in Candida numbers.  When it’s done it’s job and blood sugar levels are back down to normal, at which point there is no more food (excess sugar) the Candida levels are back down to normal within hours.  So, we’re not attempting to live without Candida that would be bad, that would be like not having your backup system in place. Only when high blood sugar levels cannot be controlled by pancreas action, adrenal action or hormonal action does the Candida step in and bloom and bloom to eat all the excess sugar.

So, the QUESTION is, what causes sustained elevated blood sugar?  Well, in 1959 the Journal of the American Medical Association explained why we end up with sustained blood sugar levels.  The culprit was explained as excess fat in the diet.

To better understand the problem let’s consider a simplified description of how our bodies process sugar.  To be useful to our cells the sugars we eat travel a 3 STAGE JOURNEY:
STAGE 1 – the sugars start out in the digestive tract when we eat them.
STAGE 2 – they pass through the intestinal wall into the bloodstream.
STAGE 3 – they then move smoothly and easily out of the bloodstream and into our cells, this occurs rapidly, often in minutes.

When we eat a diet high in fat the sugar gets trapped in STAGE 2, it gets stuck; it cannot get out of the bloodstream.  The body is now working overtime sometimes to the point of exhaustion and disease in an effort to move the sugar out of the bloodstream.

So, WHY does the sugar get trapped in the bloodstream?
As an illustration, say we have a jar filled with marbles and you poured a glass of oil in the jar and shake it up.  Every single marble would be coated with a film of oil.  This is what happens in the bloodstream when there is excess fat.  The fat literally coats everything in the bloodstream and this effects the chemistry and the physiology of everything else in the bloodstream. Now there is a thin coating of fat that line the blood vessel walls, the cells’ insulin receptor sites, the sugar molecules, as well as the insulin itself.  These fats can take a full day or more to clear from the blood, all the while inhibiting normal metabolic activity, and preventing these various structures from communicating with each other.
So, if you’re on a diet of steady fat, the bloodstream is never able to clear itself.  Thus, too much fat in the blood impedes the movement of sugar out of the bloodstream.  This results in an overall rise in blood sugar, as sugars continue to travel from the digestive (STAGE 1) into the blood (STAGE 2) but cannot escape from the blood so they can be delivered to the cells (STAGE 3), which await their fuel. Meanwhile, the sugar backs up in the blood creating sustained, elevated blood sugar that wreaks havoc on the body in the form of Candida, Diabetes, Fatigue and the list goes on.

So, when we have this excess fat in the bloodstream we have a situation like the marbles being coated in fat.  The sugar cells get coated in fat, the receptor sites get coated in fat, and the insulin gets coated in fat.  The end result is that we have a period where sugar cannot get picked up by insulin, the sugar is stuck in the bloodstream. Medically this is referred to as insulin resistance.  But, in fact if we lower the dietary fat for even a short period of time insulin resistance disappears.  It’s not that the person is insulin resistant it’s that the conditions make it impossible for insulin to do its job.  And we end up with elevated blood sugar that is sustained.  So at that point we have to have Candida come in and save our life. Candida is a life saving organism.  It’s an organism that only lives for an exceptionally short period of time.  A life span measured in hours.  When people have sustained elevated Candida issues for more than a few days they’re causing it.
Because this is not a problem that should last for weeks, months or years, this is an issue that ebbs and flows quickly, as quickly as blood sugar changes.  So, the simple solution for dropping Candida levels to normal values within normal limits is to keep blood fat levels within normal limits.
The American Medical Association has gone on record as saying, “blood sugar issues, although they are called, ‘blood sugar issues’ are caused by the overconsumption of fat.” Science has shown us through the longest studies ever performed on humans in nutrition and the largest studies ever performed on nutrition, that if we can just drop fat consumption down to acceptable levels, blood sugar issues go away.
Sport Science has shown us the same thing, that the uptake, transport and delivery of sugar into the bloodstream and out of the bloodstream is dependent on our fat consumption. And the more fat we consume the less efficient our ability to uptake, transport, and deliver sugar.  MEANING IT GETS STUCK IN STAGE 2, IN THE BLOODSTREAM.

The reason most people consume too much fat is because they’re looking for calories, whether they realize it or not.  We need calories just to stay alive and we need more calories the more active we are.  The problem is, that if we’re getting our calories from too much fat, we can experience all the negative health consequences mentioned above.  But we still need calories, so where can we get them?  Well, when we look at the two best sources of food on the planet it’s always the same, fruits and vegetables.  However, vegetables are very low in calories, although a great source of vitamins, minerals, protein and essential fatty acids.  It would be impossible to get all our daily caloric needs from vegetables alone, unless you feel like eating 40 heads of lettuce a day.  On the other hand, fruit is loaded with calories.  As an example, a good size banana is about 100 calories.  Fruits in general can give us the calories we need.  However, most people are not used to eating as much fruit as one would need, to supply their caloric requirements, especially if they cut out their fat intake, which supplies many calories.

That’s really the key to improving your health, cut the fat consumption down to 10% or less of caloric intake per day from fat.  But, remember, once you cut the fat down you will be craving calories.  That’s where fruit comes in.  It’s sweet and very satiating when you eat enough of it.  So go ahead eat as much as you want, it’s not going to make you gain weight, that’s a myth.  Have you ever considered eating 1/2 of a watermelon in one sitting? Or 7 bananas in one sitting? Or 5 mangos in one sitting?  Or 8 oranges in one sitting? This is the simple and very satiating way to get the calories you may need.  Maybe you’ll need less, maybe more, it all depends on how active you are, how many calories you’re burning per day.  Remember,  fruit is the best health food we have and the key factor, in getting the calories you’ll need, to keep you satiated, with an overall feeling of well-being.

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Have a great week and remember to move the body, walk, stretch, bodyweight exercises, play a game, dance, make sure you get the blood flowing.

All the best, stay well,


When someone starts cleaning up their diet by eating more live, fresh fruits and vegetables and cutting out the junk food, often they experience some detox symptoms.  Unfortunately, for many, these unpleasant symptoms fool them into thinking, ‘this diet just isn’t working, I eat healthier and still get sick, I might as well revert back, it doesn’t matter what you eat’.  This type of thinking is the furthest thing from the truth.  When we eat fruits and veggies they treat our bodies in the most beneficial way. However, many don’t understand that for something beneficial to happen to the body some unpleasant ‘housecleaning’ may have to happen first.  Consider this illustration, your son or daughter has a terrible fatal disease.  However, the doctor tells you that if he performs an operation (a painful one) your son or daughter will survive.  Of course, you’re willing to put him or her through this ordeal.  Detoxifying is similar; you must be willing to work your way through the unpleasant symptoms to reach a new level of health.  You may experience headache, fatigue, flu-like symptoms and skin problems to name a few.  These are all good signs that the body is appreciating the live, fresh, uncooked, hydrating fruits and veggies you’ve been eating.  The body is now in ‘clean house mode’ and pushing the toxins out through every outlet it has, the bowels, urinary tract, mouth, nose, eyes, ears and skin.  You must learn to view these detox symptoms as proof your body is cleaning house, embrace and welcome them, and look to the future with optimism.  Remember, if you don’t work your way through detoxing, the toxins will rear their ugly head at a later time, which could mean a serious disease.  The good news is that the detox symptoms subside as you move forward on your journey to better health.  Your body has done the job it inherently does best; it has eliminated the toxic waste.  As you continue to nourish with fresh, live whole plant foods, you are getting more oxygen to the cells, you are hydrating with the purest water on the planet, the water that has been filtered by nature, contained in fruits and vegetables.  You will start to feel so good, both mentally and physically, it will amaze you.  By the way,  in the above video I didn’t clarify that you DO NOT need your bath water to be distilled, tap water will do, warm to hot will draw toxins out of your body.

Raw Spaghetti with Raw Marinara

This is an awesome low fat spaghetti dinner, simple and quick to make and not too many ingredients.  Try this with a big green salad with cucumbers and use some type of citrus as your dressing and you’ve got an awesome meal.  Remember, one of the major KEYS to optimal health is keeping your diet low fat.  This meal is very low fat and delicious.


Simple 4 Ingredient Salad Loaded With Nutrients

Spinach is one of the most nutrient-rich foods in the world. Its combination of vitamins, fiber, and anti-oxidants make it suited to a number of nutritional requirements. Many of the substances in spinach are useful for fighting and preventing a number of diseases, including cancer. The benefits of spinach are numerous and have been documented by studies and anecdotal evidence alike throughout the years.


Also, remember, one of the keys to optimal health is to keep your recipes simple and avoid lots of combinations at the same meal.  When there are too many combinations the body’s digestive system is working overtime, sapping energy from you.  On the other hand, when our meals are simple the body easily digests and the body can now instinctively work on cleaning up areas that need cleaning (getting rid of toxic waste).  When we’re clean on the inside our immune systems are strong and disease cannot get a foothold.